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Welcome to 7 Eagle Group’s podcast, 7Echo. Even though we’ve interviewed a lot of folks in the military community, this is our first venture in the podcast world. We’re thrilled to have you on the team and excited to share your interviews with our growing audience of Veterans and Military Spouses. The valuable content and advice you and your guests provide is going to help a lot of people!

7 Echo Podcast

Provide tons of valuable career-based advice for Military Veterans and Spouses.

Share stories of inspiring and interesting Veterans and Spouses.

Get the military community to view 7 Eagle Group as a company that always puts Veterans First and is a reliable and credible source to provide career advice.

  • Heather Clark – US Navy Veteran.  LinkedIn
  • Jonathan Shivers – US Air Force Veteran
  • Rich Dolan – US Army Veteran

We plan to add more hosts as the podcast grows.

You’re listening to the 7Echo Podcast, the place where we highlight inspiring and interesting United States military veterans who have found a successful civilian career after trading in their uniforms.  We will learn from their wisdom and take an in depth look at the adventure from military service to civilian employment using an unfiltered lens.  This is a real time educational aid in the world of civilian life and employment, inspiring through testimonials, one on one interviews, and job search tips, all provided by your fellow veterans, active duty members, community leaders, and friends.

The interviews we’ve done over the years last an average of 20 minutes.

It’s okay if yours go longer or shorter.

We’ll then strip out the audio for the podcast, and promote the full video on our social media sites and web page.

We may also chop them up so we can generate content for multiple posts.

Get a free Zoom.us account if you don’t have one so you can record the footage and save it to your desktop.

You may also want to get a free Calendly.com so it’s easy for your guests to book time on your calendar.

Our audience is specifically Veterans and Military Spouses.

All listeners are potential candidates we can train or place into jobs.

In addition, since most Veterans are currently working at a civilain job, they can influence a hiring decision (i.e. they tell their boss about 7 Eagle).

Make sure it’s not toggling back and forth depending on who is speaking.

Who you interview is entirely your choice.

Invite guests who interest and inspire you.  

If they impress you, chances are they’ll impress others too.

We believe every Veteran has a story to tell.

You can include a mix of guests (recent transitioned, middle age, seniors), Active Duty, MilSpouses, entrepreneurs, gov’t contractors, non profits, variety of ages, sexes, ethnicity, etc.) or pick a common theme — ie. being an entrepreneur or careers in tech.

You can have two guests on at once if you feel that adds value.

Guests who have large social media networks on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are obviously great for 7 Eagle  because they’ll hopefully share the interview with their connections too, but don’t let that drive your decision.

Focus on great content and the promotion will take care of itself.

You never know who is going to hear the interview, so try not to think about what is in it for us.

Let’s be selfless and focus instead of how our audience of Veterans can benefit.

Work your way up to “high profile” Veterans — i.e. CEO of a well known company, a pro athlete, a famous author, etc.

If you’re communicating via LinkedIn, use the “Connect Request” to write your request, not the “Message”…you’ll get a better response.

Write one like this (100 character limit).  

The more you can personalize your request —  with their name, branch, current company, why you value them — . the better.

Once you’re connected, then you can go back and forth with all of the details…or meet on Zoom to build the relationship.

Be sincere.

What’s in it for your guest?  You can plug whatever they want.

Put in the work to make the ask personal.

If the person is high profile, go slow!  

Don’t ask immediately…build the relationships.

There are lots of Youtube videos that teach tips for sending a podcast invite.

Email your guest the day before to remind him/her about the scheduled time.

When recording, make sure your display view is side by side so you and your guest(s) are always in view…not the toggle view.

When you’re introducing your guest, don’t say stuff like “Tell everyone about yourself.” Or “where can people find you?” 

You should do your research and provide that information on their behalf.

We don’t mind some controversy, but maybe hold off on issues that you know are going to really piss some people off until we get our legs under us and build a loyal following.

Remember, we do not want to offend any of our current customers or Veterans.

Be a great listener and go with the flow of the conversation.

Try not to just read questions you prepared — it will sound too scripted.

We’d rather a more casual conversation.

Have fun…the more you and your guest can laugh and have a good time, the better!

If you or your guest said something you don’t like, just ask for a redo. Make sure to note it on the Form so the editor is aware.

If this is your first podcast experience, listen to some of popular podcasters to get ideas.

  • Jocko Willinick – Navy SEAL
  • David Goggins – Navy SEAL
  • Joe Rogan (not a vet but he hosts the most popular podcast)
  • Marie Forleo — (not a vet but another extremely popular host).

We’ll share a Google sheet with you.

Please refer to it to determine who you want to interview.

Most likely we won’t have much overlap, but just in case, list anyone you expect to invite.

This way we won’t duplicate efforts and have very similar interviews. i.e. two hosts both interview executives from Wounded Warriors.

It’s absolutely okay to mention what we do at 7 Eagle during the interview…just keep it conversational and not “salesy.”

We want listeners to understand that podcast is purely informational…not a promo piece for 7 Eagle.

Please read our web page so you’re familiar with our mission and process.

Some bullet points:

  • We train, mentor and connect Veterans with hiring companies.
  • 6 years old.
    Team is made up of 35 professionals who work remotely — combo of Veterans, Military Spouses, and civilians.
    Our mission is Veterans First – even though we charge hiring companies a fee, we never let our fee get in the way of a Veteran landing a job.
  • All of our services are free to Veterans.
  • We provide a free career development training Veterans in emerging tech like Cyber Security, Robotics, Gaming, Cloud Computing, etc.
  • Training partners — Cybrary, RangeForce, WithYouWithMe — who handle the virtual curriculum.
  • We match the Veterans with Mentors (other Veterans) who guide and support them.
  • We place the Veteran in Internships and jobs when they graduate the training.
  • Clients include all types of companies in tech, aerospace, manufacturing, construction etc. — everyone fromFacebook, Amazon, all the way down to mom and pops.
  • Typical placement is a Veteran earning $50K – $80K.
  • We also own FreelanceVets.com for Veterans who prefer to work from home as a freelancer and not a w2 employee.

Please have as few distractions behind you as possible.

It’s important the viewers to focus on you and your guest, not the dog, laundry basket, or kitchen dishes behind you!

A solid color wall is optimal.

If you have anything military you want to include on your desk or in view, that would be great…i.e. a flag, picture, Challenge Coin, etc.

Also, make sure to suggest changes to your guests backgrounds before you begin.  i.e., it’s okay to recommend your guest move to a different room or alter their lighting.

The podcast is just audio so your sound quality is super important.

If you have an external mic, please use it.

Make sure you minimize any distractions…i.e. do not record outside with cars in background, no music playing, dogs barking, etc.

Please silence your cell phone before recording.

Ask your guest what he/she wants to plug…i.e. a webpage, book, non profit, etc.

Mention that we are the interview is not live so if at any time they want to redo one of their answers, to just let you know.

Help them stage their room if there are distractions.

Give the guest an estimate of how long you want the interview to last and then stick to it.

Confirm pronunciation of their name and business.

Don’t ever say, “Tell us about yourself?”  — Do you research so you can introduce the guest and his/her accomplishments.

Always announce your guest’s name at the end of your brief introduction so you create suspense.

Mention what they do, accomplishments, why they’re relevant to our Veteran listeners, etc.

Plug whatever your guest wants — his/her web page, book, podcast, company, social media feeds, etc.

Avoid mindless chitchat…ie.. How is the weather?  How are you?  

Don’t wing it!

Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes learning everything you can about your guest.

Read his/her LinkedIn page, web page, and anything you can find in a Google search.

Know their branch, rank, MOS, etc.

If we can determine that one of your podcasts leads to a hire for 7 Eagle that generates revenue, you will receive 10% of our Net (Placement Fee minus 8% expenses).


  • A Veteran who works at Boeing hears your podcast and then contacts 7 Eagle Group because she wants to start a Cyber Security Internship program with us.
  • Every quarter 10 Veterans intern and Boeing hires 15 Veterans at $5,000 each for total revenue of $75,000.
  • We back out $6,000 for expenses leaving $69,000 Net Placement Fee.
  • We’ll pay you $3,450 (10% of $69K).


When you’re done, save your footage to your desktop and the upload it to Dropbox and then complete this form so we can edit it.




  • If you need to email attachments, send them to [email protected] and copy [email protected]
  • Try to make it a benefit for the listener. What will listener learn? No more than roughly 10 words.
  • Please write 3-4 sentence giving a quick overview. Include the guest's name, branch, current title, civilian job and a snapshot of what the listener will learn.


When you’re done, save your footage to your desktop and the upload it to Dropbox and then complete this form so we can edit it.