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7 ECHO Podcast is the place where we highlight inspiring and interesting United States military Veterans who have found a successful civilian career after trading in their uniforms. Please check out our episodes below. You can also find them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pandora, and other popular podcast sites. If you would like to recommend a suggestion for an episode, please email [email protected].

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Episode 1: Phil McConkey: Navy Veteran, NFL Champion & President of Academy Securities

Phil McConkey shares his inspiring story with 7 Eagle Group founder, Jordie Kern and offers valuable career advice to his fellow Veterans. Phil used his experiences in the Navy to take him to grid-iron glory and business success. Check out our first 7 Echo Podcast episode!

Episode 2: Fighter Pilot Rob "Cujo" Teschner: Author of "Debrief to Win"

Rob provides some great advice for business owners to help them succeed by utilizing the same methods he developed as a high-performing combat veteran. He also offers tips to Veterans transitioning out of military.

Episode 3: Green Beret Herb Thompson: Author of The Transition Mission

7 Eagle Group’s founder, Jordie Kern, sat down with Herb Thompson, U.S. Army Green Beret, and author of The Transition Mission. Herb gives lots of great advice for transitioning Veterans.

Episode 4: CSM Michael Hall (Ret.): Three Rangers Foundation founder

Three Rangers Foundation seeks “to provide veterans with the best experts, advice, and assistance in every aspect of their journey. This assistance encompasses spiritual, behavioral, career and networking, financial , legal, family, and education.” CSM Hall (Ret.) explains more about the company, its mission, and his time in the US Army.

Episode 5: Harris Morris: Sr. Director of Veterans Initiatives at ADP

Harris Morris share his story from his time as an US Army soldier all the way to him becoming Sr. Director of Veterans Initiatives at ADP

Episode 6: Matthew J. Louis: Author of Mission Transition

Mission Transition is a practical career-change guide for transitioning veterans avoid false starts and make optimal career choices following service. Every year, about 200,000 veterans leave the military, most of whom are grossly unprepared for life after service. While well-intentioned, Transition Assistance Programs and other support structures within the armed forces often leave veterans fending for themselves. On top of this, veterans themselves are typically so focused on their active duty roles that they’re unprepared to join the civilian world. Mission Transition guides military personnel through the entire process of making a successful move into civilian professional life.

Episode 7: Brett DAlessandro & Alexa Modero: Founder of Backpacks for Life

Backpacks For Life’s mission is to provide a unique and personalized support system for homeless and at-risk veterans who are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. We want Veterans of all eras, after being equipped with the right tools and solutions, to seamlessly and confidently reintegrate into society and thrive. Through our two main programs, we are able to effectively support and empower our Veterans, reigniting the flame to live and succeed inside of them.

Episode 8: Kathy Roth Douquet: CEO and Founder of Blue Star Families

Founded in 2009 by military spouses with you in mind, we empower military families to thrive by connecting them with their civilian neighbors – both people and organizations – to create strong communities of support.

Episode 9: John Boerstler: CEO, Combined Arms

John Boerstler is the CEO of Combined Arms, a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) based in Texas that helps thousands of veterans every year in their transition out of the military. John is a U.S. Marine Corps infantry veteran who left the Marines as a non-commissioned officer and went into government work, eventually starting his own VSO to tackle some of the issues he faced during his own transition to civilian life. John offered some great tips to veterans and active service members during our chat.

Episode 10: Jaeson "Doc" Parsons: Founder & CEO, "Graffiti of War"

Jaeson “Doc” Parsons deployed to Ramadi from 06-7 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While deployed, he was inspired by the graffiti that covered the hescos and walls and wanted to share these pieces of work with the world, and thus “Graffiti of War” was created. The operation has had several art showing and has a book on the way, with proceeds going towards helping veterans with PTSD and TBI. If you’d like to know more or make a donation, please visit: https://www.GraffitiOfWar.com

Episode 16: Joel "Thor" Neeb: CEO of Afterburner

F15 fighter pilot, cancer survivor, extreme athlete, and CEO of Afterburner Joel “Thor” Neeb gives a brief account of his military and post military career, his struggles, his triumphs, and how these experiences gave him the tools to become CEO of a company dedicated to helping others unlock their own inner greatness.

Episode 17: Gordon Logan: CEO of the Sports Clips

Gordon Logan, USAF veteran and CEO of the Sports Clips, details the life lessons he learned in the military that he carried forward in his personal and professional life which ultimately lead to great financial success and personal happiness.

Episode 20: Raymond Lott: Ninja Punch Music

Raymond Lott is a US Marine Veteran who served as a combat correspondent for infantry battalions. He did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and won a prestigious combat photography award for his work. After ten years in the Marines, he chose to move forward with his music career. He attended the Los Angelos Film School, where he majored in music production. He later started Ninja Punch Music, an all military musician record label. Raymond also does an extensive amount of advocacy work for veteran suicide prevention through his work as a board member of the non profit Project Refit.

Episode 21: Zack Baddorf; Military Veteran in Journalism

U.S. Navy Veteran and Nonprofit Director Shares Tips for Veterans Pursuing Journalism.

In this interview, Zack Baddorf breaks down his experience transitioning from the U.S. Navy as a journalist and the difficulties he faced when trying to apply to civilian jobs in the same industry. He offers words of wisdom for veterans in the same situation.

Episode 22: Chris Bentley; Founder & CEO of Bellatorum Resources

USMC Veteran and Mineral Rights CEO Reveals The Secret to Veteran Success Chris Bentley served 14 years in the Marine Corps and deployed to combat six times. He now serves as the President and CEO of a mineral rights and oil & gas royalties firm in Texas.

In this episode, he explains how veterans can find success like him after their military to civilian transition with a simple approach: humility and hard work.

Episode 23: Mike Holmes; Executive Search Consultant for McCormick Group

Retired Army Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Holmes is now the Executive Search Consultant for McCormick Group. In this interview, he details his military transition and offers great tips and suggestions for veterans transitioning into the civilian world.

Episode 24: Deirdre Van Nest; Certified World Class Speaking Coach and CEO from Crazy Good Talks

Nervous about networking with strangers and acing your interview? “No sweat,” says Deirdre Van Nest, Certified World Class Speaking Coach and CEO from Crazy Good Talks. It’s all about courage and that’s one character trait every military Veteran definitely possesses!

Episode 25: Phil Randazzo; Founder of American Dream University

Military transition expert Phil Randazzo, Founder of American Dream University, shares some great tips and advice for Veterans and spouses transitioning to the civilian world.

Episode 26: Aaron Harper; USMC Veteran and HR at Atrium Health

Episode 27: Lindsay Helm; US Army Veteran and Founder of Empower Employ

Episode 28: Mike Mahaney; US Navy Veteran and CISO at Axis Group

Episode 29: Gary Hayslip; US Navy Veteran and CISO at Softbank