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A Note to the Intelligence Community (IC)

At the present time, our Nation is facing unparalleled attacks against our Government and Non-Governmental infrastructure. As our society and technology advance, so does the necessity for new and diverse security measures. In order to meet the needs of the Nation, here at 7 Eagle, we strive to connect vulnerable businesses and augment Department of Defense (DoD) organizations with highly qualified, cleared professionals.

About Becky

Becky served a rewarding career in the US Army as a Counterintelligence (CI) Special Agent and Civil Affairs First Sergeant. She served in both the Active and Reserve components since 1998, retiring in 2020. Over the course of her career, she was stationed in Germany, supported the US Embassy in Thailand, and completed five combat deployments supporting Joint Coalition Special Operations units, Detention Operations, 173rd ABCT, as well as other intelligence agencies.

On the civilian side, Becky was an Instructor and Training Developer at Fort Huachuca, AZ. She worked in the New Systems Training and Integration Office (NSTIO), focusing on intelligence and biometrics systems of record; CI and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operations Management Course, certifying Senior Officers to perform as a Staff G2X; and the Company Operations Intelligence Support Team (COIST) mobile training team, training combat arms units on intelligence concepts.

After moving back to New York in 2013 to start a family, Becky began a new career as an Internal Investigator of abuse and neglect. Rebecca has a BS in Psychology, working toward her Master’s Degree. Her expertise lies in intelligence operations, background checks threat and security assessments, investigations, negotiations, and human behavior. Additionally, she is a qualified Strategic Debriefer, Source Handler, and former Russian linguist.

Outside of work, Becky volunteers her time coaching her two sons’ soccer teams, performing as Mrs. Klaus each Christmas, and working with transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and their families to build resilience and healthy habits as a certified Health and Life Coach.

Overall, Becky has strived to diversify her career and excelled in each venture. Now, Becky is taking the knowledge, skills, and abilities she gained over the past 22 years to give back to those who wish to continue their service to our Nation by pairing cleared professionals with the perfect Defense contracting positions.