A Free Virtual Training, Mentorship, and Job Placement Program for Veterans & Military Spouses


Congratulations on beginning your new career journey into the exciting world of high-tech.

We are honored and excited to help you realize your career goals.

Please follow the steps below.

In just 3-6 months, you can completely reinvent yourself, learn a new career, and enter the exciting and lucrative world of high-tech.  We offer 10 different career tracks exclusive to Veterans and Military Spouses. 

We’ve selected these tracks because of their massive demand for talented professionals, high salaries, and how much hiring managers in these industries value the leadership, intelligence, and grit of the military community.


  • Assess your strengths and interests so we can match you to the most appropriate career track.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive curriculum of virtual training materials so you can develop new skillsets.
  • Match you with a numerous Mentors (other Veterans working civilian jobs) who will guide and support you.
  • Help you obtain a P/T internship so you obtain real-work experience.
  • Help place you in an entry level P/T or F/T position in your chosen field…i.e. if your on the Cyber Security track, you’ll be placed in a Help Desk position.
  • Assist you at securing any necessary industry certifications required for the position you seek.
  • Help you land a lucrative full-time position in your chosen field, location, and salary.
  • Serve as your Career Ambassador to help you network, improve your skills, and land additional jobs as your salary and responsibilities increase.


Since this is a free program, we require all participants to agree to the following…

  • Devote an estimated 360 total hours (takes roughly 3 months if you participate on a F/T basis, 6 months if P/T).
  • Complete a weekly Debrief form so we are aware of your training status.
  • Respond immediately when we email, text, or phone.
  • Allow 7 Eagle Group 30 days to place you in an internship or P/T or F/T job of your choosing when you complete the course.  Companies pay us a small fee for successful hires and that revenue allows us to offer this free training.  We do not want to compete with you or other recruiting firms during this period.  We never let our fee get in the way of you getting hired.  After 30 days, this exclusivity ends.
  • Understand that we cannot guarantee your involvement will result in a job offer.  We do our best to promote you, but all hiring decisions are made exclusively between you and the hiring company.
  • Consider serving as a paid Mentor at 7 Eagle Group after you land your first job to help the next batch of Veterans or Military Spouses with their training.  Just 20 minutes/week.

Please complete this quick form.

Next step is a one-on-one call with our head trainer, Becky O’Mahoney so you can plan your training schedule. 

Becky will contact you to set it up.