We specialize in Cyber Security jobs for Vets.  Here’s a quick overview of the industry.

What They Do

Cyber-security specialists are the front line of defense for the safety and integrity of the company’s digital information. Working closely with management, they are responsible for securing the company’s computer systems from threats, establishing file-access permissions, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. They pinpoint weaknesses in the company’s computer system and implement the procedures and software needed to secure it while allowing the company to function optimally.

What They Did in The Military

Every branch of the military maintains cyber security positions, although they might not all be called the same thing. The Navy calls them Cryptologic Technicians, the Army, Cyber Operations Specialists, the Marines, Cyber Security Specialists, the Air Force, Cyber Welfare Operators, and the Coast Guard, Information Systems Technicians. All are responsible for protecting military networks and our country against cyber attacks from enemy forces. Cyber experts provide the Military with a source of expertise for the proper employment, support, and defense of strategic and tactical information networks. They oversee information assurance programs and help protect our nation’s cyber capabilities.

Job Titles

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Data Security Administrator
  • Information Security Manager
  • Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Information Systems Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Specialist

Job Growth

28% job growth through 2026.

Median Salaries


Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics

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