How To Ask Questions Correctly

Ask Questions

An interviewer will consider several things when analyzing your value to their business:

  • Your First Impression
  • Your Professionalism
  • Your Resume
  • How You Answer Questions
  • How You Ask Questions

Asking questions may not seem like an overly important part of the interviewing process, but it absolutely is.

People often think of an interview as solely the employers chance to analyze and learn about the candidate, an┬áthus feel as if it is not their place to ask questions. This fallacy can hurt your chances of being hired! So here’s a general play by play to keep even the shiest Veteran:

  • Check the companies website first – Opportunity to develop talking points and sound educated.
  • Break the ice with small talk – example: “I saw you went to college at Tufts, how was living in Boston?”
  • Make sure the company is a good fit for you – Think out questions/concerns ahead of time to ask.
  • Ask tailored questions about the company, your future there, and questions related to their endeavors.

Check out our video for more insight on how to answer questions correctly during an interview:


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