How to Go On More Interviews

How to Go On More Interviews

It’s so easy today to simply send an online application and expect for a phone call, but that is not enough to get the job.

Companies get flooded with applications and it is very simple to get lost in the tsunami of applicants. Don’t get discouraged!


The competition will be intense for everyone so if you’re spending your day applying to many businesses you’re playing a gambling game with poor odds. Sometimes companies anonymously list their open positions, executive level or entry, so following up can be very difficult.

So what do you do?

Imagine being a hiring manager. You’re strapped for time and you have hundreds of applications saying the same thing, “I am so-and-so and I am your perfect candidate.” So you want to pick the candidates that standout, so here’s how:

  • Tune out the negativity.
  • Stop dedicating your time to applying to so many jobs online.
  • Think like a hiring manager.
  • Create or have an online profile created for you.

Check out our video below for more insight on how 7 Eagle Group helps our countries veterans find jobs after their military career ends:


I’m passionate about helping companies hire great military veterans.

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