How to Tune Out Negativity While Job Hunting

Whether you were in the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, or Army you’ve most likely had to face some form of negativity.

Tune Out Negativity

A lot of Veterans can relate to one another when it comes to the memory of having a superior officer screaming in your ear telling you to quit if you can’t handle training, but they didn’t quit. You’ve learned to tune out some aspects of the negativity of military life, so how do you find a job and ignore the negativity around you?


You can do it. You can get the job. You are well qualified and are a hardworking Veteran. Do not believe in others negativity around you. Some people struggle to find work and try to convince others not to take jobs because of their insecurity of being unemployed. Be positive and tune out the negativity in order to stay focused on presenting yourself as the best person for the job. Do not let anyone’s opinion on you or your potential job affect your confidence.

Check out the videos below to learn more about how to tune out all the negativity during your search for a career:



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