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Apply to Open Jobs For Veterans

Search the jobs for Veterans below by location, salary, or specific keywords to find ones that might interest you.  The jobs change daily so please check back often.


No.  Our services are always free to Veterans and Military Spouses.  Our clients pay us a small fee after we’re successful filling their open positions.  By the way, we NEVER let our fee get in the way if a client is unable to pay.

No, but you must be in the ballpark.  Limit your applications where you meet or exceed the “must-have” requirements for the job. For example, if the position requires a mechanical engineering degree, yet you only have a HS degree, chances are against you from being considered.  On the other hand, if the position requires five years of experience, yet you only have two, you should go for it and apply.  Our clients are very strict and usually only consider candidates who are “in the range.”  A good rule of thumb…the higher the salary, the more strict the hiring manager is going to be.

If 7 Eagle Group’s hiring manager feels you are a good fit for the position, he or she will contact you to schedule an interview.  It usually takes about three days to hear back from us. 

Please follow up via phone or email with the hiring manager (name is on the bottom of the Job Description and contact info is found here).  Often we are overwhelmed by applicants so please be persistent if you are really interested in the position.

Please check this page often.  Our jobs change daily as we receive new client assignments.  Even if you don’t spot an interesting job, you should still join our Veteran Talent Network.

Absolutely!  This visibility is crucial for your career.  Now, hundreds of hiring managers will have the ability to search our network, evaluate your credentials, and recruit you.  Your name and contact information is kept private until you determine you want to pursue the opportunity.  More info

Yes, please apply to as many jobs that you are qualified for and interested in.

If our hiring managers feels you are a good match for the job, he or she will contact you to learn more about you, answer any questions you have, and share the hiring company’s name.  You can then research the company to determine if you want us to present you for the position.

Yes!  If you’re the type of person who likes to be really prepared, we recommend downloading our free App to your phone.  Search “7 Eagle Group.”  Then watch our brief video series, “Job & Interview Prep Videos.”  They’ll help you get squared away so you impress any hiring manager and get the job offer you want.

After you search and apply to our jobs for Veterans, make sure to join our free Veteran Talent Network