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1. You will receive an Email from [email protected] with a link to a Shared Google Spreadsheet containing all of your jobs. It will also contain your assigned Code#. Please Email Mary if you haven’t received it yet.


2. You are responsible for maintaining this Sheet to make sure it is current.


3. Please do not rearrange the columns. It is important they remain static so the automatic upload works correctly.


4. Highlight ACTIVE jobs you want posted in GREEN.


5. Highlight INACTIVE jobs you want us to delete in RED.


6. You may keep the name of hiring company confidential if you’d like.


7. Your jobs will then appear here: www.7Eagle.com/job-board

Watch this quick video overview

1.1. Sample shared spreadsheet

1.2. Job board. Put the assigned code number in search bar to view your jobs.


1. You may access our Applicant Tracking System, www.RecruiterFlow.com by signing in with your email address. You’ll receive the instructions from [email protected]


2. When a candidate applies to one of your jobs, a record is automatically created for him/her in RecruiterFlow.


3. You can find new applicants in the “Applied” bucket.


4. Please update the applicant’s status after you evaluate by clicking the appropriate stage:

  • APPLIED – Every Applicant from 7 Eagle Group’s Job Board is automatically uploaded to this stage.
  • SOURCED – If one of 7 Eagle Group’s Managers spots an appropriate Candidate on your behalf, we’ll manually enter the Candidate to this stage.
  • OFFER – If you are extending a job offer to the Candidate, move him/her to this stage.
  • HIRED – If the Candidate accepts your job offer, move him/her to this stage.
  • DISQUALIFIED – Click the ‘Disqualify’ icon on the Candidate’s profile if you are rejecting him/her. Don’t forget to send a “reject” email so the Candidate is aware of your decision.

Watch this quick video overview

2.1. Job Pipeline

2.2. Evaluate your applicant.

You can add any comments about a Candidate on the “Notes” tab. If you want Mary to see your Comment, just include “@Mary”

How to activate and login to your recruiterflow account

1. Go here: https://recruiterflow.com/login

2. Click the “Login using a Password”.

3. Click “Forgot Password”.

4. Enter your email address and click “Send Reset Link”. After that, go to your inbox.

5. You will receive an email like this. Click “Reset My Password”.

6. Enter your new password.

7. Click “Here” to login.

8. Click “Login using a Password” then enter your email address and your new password.

9. You are now successfully logged in. You should be able to access all your jobs and candidates.

10. In case you forget your password, go through the process again.