We specialize in Operations Manager jobs for Vets.  Here’s a quick overview of the industry.

What They Do

Operations managers are responsible for the overall well-being of the company’s operations, these types of managers tend to have a big-picture perspective. They are able to determine needs within the company and connect groups to work together to solve problems as they arise. They need to be critical thinkers who can analyze situations and make decisions geared toward the company’s best interests rather than those of a single department. This may mean that they also need to resolve conflicts as they arise between employees and set policies and guidelines for how to complete tasks.

What They Did in The Military

These are the officers and senior enlisted of the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. They have cut their teeth under more than one command and have excelled in leadership roles. While their specific MOS/Rating or “military job” may vary based on branch and service, one thing is for sure, these men and women are highly skilled, driven, accountable and make up the core of the senior leadership in the military.

Job Titles

  • Business Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Facilities Manager
  • General Manager
  • Assistant Plant Manager
  • Engineering Supervisor
  • Director of Quality Management
  • Distribution Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Plant Superintendent
  • Production Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Production Engineering Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Shipping and Receiving Manager

Job Growth

5-9% job growth through 2026.

Median Salary


Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics

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