No monthly fees — Only a 50/50 split on Placements

After you complete this Agreement, we’ll send you a login so you can view our “5-Star” military Candidates.
If you have any questions, please contact Jordie Kern: 914-469-9875, [email protected].

The parties to this AGREEMENT agree to work together in an effort to get more Candidates placed into positions.





We will use our best efforts to source and present suitable Candidate(s) for your open positions via our webpage and headhunting efforts.



We do NOT need to access any of your Clients’ information (i.e., name, contacts, email, address, etc). If you willingly share your Clients’ information, we will NEVER use it for any purpose. Your Clients belong to you, NOT us. Likewise, you agree to use your best judgment when sharing any of our Candidates’ information (i.e. name, email, phone, etc). It’s okay to share Candidate information with Clients interested in scheduling interviewing, but please do not post it publicly or share it with any outside party.



You will receive a private login to our proprietary online Split Fee Network. Please do not share your login with anyone outside of your organization.



Let us know of any Candidate you would like to pursue. We will introduce you so you can take over as the Candidate POC. That includes phone calls, emails, texts, scheduling interviews, negotiating job offers, etc.



If your Client hires our Candidate, you agree to pay 7 Eagle Group Fifty Percent (50%) of the total fee placement amount you collect. Example: You collect $15,000 and pay us $7,500. We never let this split percentage prevent a Candidate from being hired. Please let us know if you require any flexibility so we can help you make the match.



Payment is due and payable to 7 Eagle Group via ACH within three (3) business days after receipt of payment(s) from your client company as long as your Replacement and/or Refund Guarantee Period has passed. Example: If your Client pays the $15,000 fee on Day 30, and your Guarantee Period ends on Day 90, please wait until Day 90 to pay us. Please include a copy of the check or ACH screenshot you receive as evidence of an appropriate 50% split.



You agree to complete a Placement Form on our website so we are aware of each successful placement.



We trust you will always accurately calculate our 50% share of the Placement Fee we are due. If we determine there is deliberate intention to mislead or place our candidates into positions without our knowledge, we will remove you from our Network.



We also encourage you to submit your agency’s internal Candidates who you are not considering for our Clients’ open positions. If we successfully place your Candidate, the same terms above will apply (i.e. we’ll pay you a 50% share, etc.).



Any amendment of this Agreement shall be in writing. As a result of any legal action by either party to this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to damages. Also, you agree to hold 7 Eagle Group harmless for any losses arising out of any deception, misrepresentation, fraud, or fraudulent statement by the Candidate howsoever made.

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