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As you know, SkillBridge is an amazing program, but the big challenge we face here at 7 Eagle Group — and I think you can relate at your company — is that there is no way to proactively headhunt candidates. We must rely on them applying to our open positions, and that rarely generates the quantity of qualified candidates we need for a successful search.


We’re constantly racing the clock too. Each day that cuts into the Service Member’s 6-month maximum SkillBridge allotment, makes them less appealing.


If we face this hurdle, we imagine you are too…and we want to help!


We’ve built a massive database that’s grows daily featuring highly talented Service Members all eager to be matched to SkillBridge hiring companies.


We only need a tiny percentage of these candidates for our 7 Eagle Group positions, and we hate to see so many of the others fail to find a match. 


So if you want to reach out to any of them to fill your SkillBridge positions too, they’re all yours.


We set a goal to help our fellow SkillBridge providers hire 1,000 Service Members by year-end.  


With 1,900 Authorized Providers and over 200,000 eligible Service Members transitioning this year, we feel it’s a slam dunk!


That’s our mission, even if there’s no financial gain for 7 Eagle Group.


Why are we doing this? Like you, we want to see more of these amazing and deserving Service Members launch their civilian careers.


And we have a feeling you agree that if we work together to accomplish this goal, it will be a huge win for everyone in the military community.


Here’s how we want to help you:


Our Job Board receives a lot of traffic because we promote it aggressively on LinkedIn, Facebook, other social media sites, direct mail, weekly emails to thousands of Service Members & Vets, VSOs, career counselors at military bases, TAP officers, and state Veteran Service Reps.  Let us post all of your SkillBridge openings on our Job Board so you can attract more applicants which will definitely result in a much more qualified hire.  


We’ll even do all of the work for you.  


Just complete the form on this page anytime you have an open position. 

We’ve hired a few assistants here to forward any applicants you receive.  


You’ll then contact the candidates directly.  


Just let us know when you fill a position so we can remove it the Job Board. 


We expect nothing else in return. 


All we ask is that if you’re ever in a jam having trouble filling your open positions with just Job Board applicants alone, and need a more proactive headhunting strategy to quickly attract the talent you need, that you check out our deeply discounted services. 


Thanks again for your continued support of the military community and, please know we’ll always be here for you. 


Complete the form below so we can post your open position on our Job Board.

1-2 times per week, we’ll email you the resume for any Service Member who applies to your position.

You will then handle all communication directly with the Service Member to discuss the position and schedule interviews.

Need extra help?

7 Eagle Group is proud to offer a deeply discounted headhunting service ONLY other Authorized SkillBridge Providers
If you require a more proactive recruiting service to help you fill your open position — i.e. you’re concerned that a Job Board post is not going get the job done — we can help you!  
Contact Jordie Kern to develop a strategy to attract the specific talent you need.  914-469-9875 or email [email protected]


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