April 5, 2016


You'll hear our former company name, "Attababy " mentioned often in these testimonials.
"I lost my job three weeks ago and 7 Eagle Group not only helped me get two job interviews, but two job offers."
"We've filled multiple positions throughout the state with veterans...we've found very viable candidates. -- HR Executive, Electrical Company
"I've already received a job offer. They were very helpful. I would totally recommend them for any veteran out there who needs a job."
"You made it so easy to hire two great employees. Plus, we owe it to these brave guys to give them job opportunities after what they’ve done to protect us." — Production Manager, Metal Manufacturer"
"I had a wonderful experience. If you're looking for a change, definitely contact them."
“We really liked being able to evaluate the veterans’ introductory videos before deciding which ones we wanted to interview...gave us a great feel for their personality, confidence, and how excited they were for an opportunity to join our team.” — HR Director, Communications Company
"I applied on Monday. The next day I had an interview, and the next day I had a job offer!"
"Thank you for helping us hire 12 veterans this year. We’ve been really pleased with your service and will continue to use you for our staffing needs.” — Production Manager, CNC Manufacturer
"You found me a job that suits me."
“She’s doing a great job…very smart and coachable. Thank you for finding us an outstanding veteran who gives it her all everyday.” — V.P. of Sales, Consumer Products Manufacturer
“I’ve found the veterans we’ve hired through you to be strong workers….solid work ethics, dedicated, and determined to complete their assignments to the best of their ability.”— Sales Manager, Heavy Equipment Distributor
"Within five days, Jordie had me two job offers, and I just accepted one."
"...couldn't be happier...saved my staff a ton of time at evaluating some strong candidates.” — Owner, Commercial Printer
"Attababy gave me the confidence going into the interview to show my employer what I was able to bring to the table."
"The veteran we hired through you has exceeded our expectations. Tremendous work ethic, follows instructions, and always puts our company first. Wish I knew about you guys sooner!” — Production Manager, Cement Manufacturer
"I was unemployed for six months before checking this out...found me a job making way more money then I thought I was going to get."
”His strong work ethic is rubbing off on the other employees…puts his head down and works hard everyday. I love it!” — Field Supervisor, Survey Company
"...couldn't be happier with the service and the lengths they go for you. I highly recommend them."
”Charlotte is doing such an incredible job for us. Picked it up so quickly with minimal training. Everyone loves her here.” — General Manager, Car Dearlership
"They are definitely the best! After talking to them, I had an interview the next day."
”Jose has quickly become one of our best employers. He's definitely set the bar high and it's rubbing off on the other guys.” — Director of Production, Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer
"They helped me find a job fairly quick...constantly calling me, emailing me, letting me know about job offers..."
”Chris hit the ground running. What a great guy. He's working hard, showing up early, staying late, and asking lots of good questions” — Production Manager, Wire Manufacturer
"Within two weeks I had two job offers!"
"The staff worked really hard...I'm really grateful for what they did for me."
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