The Link Between Jobs and Thank You Letters

As a Veteran, do you remember writing letters to loved ones when you were away at training, overseas, or at a different time? A written letter has long been a part of military life, so here’s how you can utilize it to help get you employed:

When was the last time you received a hand written letter in the mail?

In a time when people are constantly texting and tweeting and emailing and calling, we forget about the simple gesture of writing a thank you note to someone that has helped you. An email is nice, but its lazy and carries less rhetoric than a written note. As a job candidate it is your duty to yourself to stand-out from the crowd and promote yourself in a positive light; writing a thank you letter is how.

Watch the video below to understand why a hand written thank you note might just get you a job.

I’m passionate about helping companies hire great military veterans.

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