The Question That Will Cost You a Job

The Question That Will Cost You a Job

Being respectful is a skill that many Veterans excel at. As a Veteran trying to find a job, you must remember to NOT ask:

“So how much does this job pay?”

Asking questions during an interview or conversation with a potential employer is great, but asking about pay can cost you the job. When you’re in an interview it is NOT a good idea to follow up “Do you have any questions?” with “Yes, how much does this pay?” This can be seen as very disrespectful.

You seem most respectful and desirable when you speak in terms of what you can bring to the company, not when you ask what the company can bring to you. Hiring managers want to hire the type of person that has put the work into serving our country and become a Veteran, but stay calm and don’t bring up money yet.

When do you bring up pay? Here’s some advice on how and when to ask:



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