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Proud to provide highly talented Military Veterans to Transport Denver-Area Patients

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Janet Garretson
Human Resource Manager

Our Why

To serve our military Veterans. To be their lifelong advocates. To build better communities by connecting our Veterans with rewarding careers and companies who value their skills, grit, and experience.

Video Intros help you interview the best candidates

After learning all about your ideal candidate, our team thoroughly evaluates Veterans who meet your requirements and match your company’s culture. We then present a shortlist of the best candidates with brief Video Intros, Skills Alignment forms, and resumes. 

Our videos makes it easy for you to evaluate personality, communication skills, and enthusiasm — criteria a printed resume will never reveal and then determine which ones you’d like to interview.

Low Placement Fee with zero risk

We are pleased to offer Transdev a preferred Placement Fee rate equal to $6,000 per new employee hired.  Terms:  Paid in six, $1,000 installments over three months (Day 14, Day 28, Day 42, Day 56, Day 72, and Day 86) to ensure the new employee is the perfect fit and to eliminate all risk for Transdev.  Only paid if the new employee is currently working.
7 Eagle Group can also help coordinate potential Federal Tax Credits of $2,400 – $9,600 per eligible Veteran who is unemployed at least a month before starting.   Transdev will have an idea of the new employee may be eligible before hiring decision. Details

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Learn more about adding talented Veterans to your team!

If the above terms are acceptable, we can send you an official agreement to authorize.

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