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No one likes to be kept in the dark when it comes to knowing how much something costs. So, we set out to be fully transparent with our fees by doing something no other recruiting company has ever done – publish our fees online.

But, Houston, we had a problem!

Since searching for people is a tough business and can vary in difficulty, meaning certain assignments can take more search effort and time and vice versa, we found it tough to consistently maintain a set fee. And since the last thing we would ever want to do is compromise trust with our clients we decided to remove our fees and publish this overview to give you an idea of what’s it cost to partner with 7 Eagle Group.

Engagement Fee

A $250 engagement fee is required for all new clients. In the event that we fail to deliver a Veteran who you hire by Day 90 of the search, we will refund the fee in full.

Placement Fee

Fees range from 15% to 23% of the Veteran’s first year salary. Fees vary based on position, search difficulty and number of search assignments.  

The fee is split into six installments and paid every other week during the initial 3 months.

At 7 Eagle Group, WE NEVER let our fee prevent you from hiring a Veteran…we are always willing to make it work!

Our Guarantee

We fully believe in the satisfaction of our clients and that’s why we offer the following guarantee: 

If the Veteran doesn’t work out in the…

  • Initial two weeks: you owe us nothing.
  • Initial 3 months: all future installment payments stop! You only pay for the time worked.
  • Initial 4-12 months: receive a 50% credit towards a future search.
“Mike’s a hard worker. Every day he brings a hundred percent which we've seen out of veterans and we love that about them!"
Ryan A., Charlotte, NC
Director of Operations
"I prefer working with 7 Eagle because you eliminate my risk and makes sure we hire someone who will stay long term.
what's it cost heather
Heather P, Boulder, CO
Chief Executive Officer


7 Eagle Group is not a non-profit organization, so we charge a fee for our services. However, since our primary mission is to help Veterans get hired, in certain situations we are willing to reduce or waive the fee if the hiring party can genuinely not afford to pay the fee and if we believe the hiring company is a good match for the Veteran, and vice versa.   

The Engagement fee is a one-time fee for new clients and is due prior to starting a search. 

We fully believe in the satisfaction of our clients and that’s why we offer the following guarantee:  

If the new employee doesn’t work out during the…

 Initial two weeks: you owe us nothing.
 Initial 3 months:  all future installment payments stop!  You only paid for the time worked.
 Initial 4-12 months:  receive a 50% credit towards a future search.

We are happy to offer special payment arrangements on a case by case basis. Please inquire with your 7 Eagle Ambassador. 

That depends on the position, industry, and the competitiveness of the position. 7 Eagle Group’s average fill time is 30 days. We utilize our network of 60,00 + Military Veterans to deliver qualified talent quickly.  

Our government offers a $2,400 – $9,600 tax credit to incentive businesses to hire certain military Veterans.  One of the conditions is that the Veteran must be unemployed for at least one month prior to starting work. Details

7 Eagle Group offers clients the ability to “Test Drive” a Veteran you are considering to hire to help determine if he or she is the right fit. Depending on the position and/or industry, Test Drives can be as short as a couple of hours days and up to a couple of months. 

Absolutely!  If you are interested in hiring a Veteran who can work-from-home, please visit our FreelanceVets.  We have a huge supply of talent in every conceivable industry.