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DOD Skillbridge Authorized




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Our recruiting team at 7 Eagle Group has identified you as a “5-Star” candidate – someone who we feel has enormous marketability in the civilian workforce.

Give yourself a pat on the back… you’re in the 5% of all SkillBridge prospects whose military experience makes them extremely marketable for the civilian job they desire.

HiringCompanies 2
If you would like our free help to get hired at rewarding SkillBridge internship, please read how our process works and then complete the five steps below ASAP.


Service Members who follow our process are now now enjoying amazing SkillBridge internships.
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This is a partnership and we only assist serious candidates who are committed to their own success.


Hey, I’m Jordie from 7 Eagle Group. If you are watching this video that means someone on our team here feels you are very marketable SkillBridge candidate.


So in addition to the promotion that we normally do on your behalf to current client hiring companies and all the other SkillBridge providers. We are willing to devote additional resources to help you get noticed by 10 local companies that you’d like to work for.


So if you are interested in our help, we’re gonna need your help. So on this page below are instructions that are going to show you exactly how to build your top 10 list of companies in your nearest metro area.


The reason that we require you to focus your list on the companies near your home even though many of the jobs today can be done remotely is because we found that you’re much more likely to get hired quickly if you live within an hour’s drive of the office. It provides the hiring company with options you know they can have you working remotely or in-house.


So here’s what we need you to do today. Don’t delay because the more time that you have available for your SkillBridge internship, the more appealing that you’re going to be to the hiring company. This is extremely easy it let me share my screen with you and I’ll walk you through how to do this. Its super easy.


So here is where I want you to go first is to Google Maps. So just go to right up there. It’ll take you to a page that looks like this and then in the top search bar here up on the left, you’re going to plug in your hometown and what you are looking to do. If you know the industry you want to work in here, I’m using this example of drone companies.


So I typed in “drone companies in Colorado Springs” right there, okay. And that then what comes up are the companies that are listed as drone companies there. It’s not the end-all they’re other resources I’m sure that you can just do regular Google searches to find other companies. This isn’t the perfect list but it’s a good place to start anyway.


If you don’t know that you want a specific industry, you know here it was drone. If you just for example it’s say your sales rep or a techie or cyber, those appeal to you know every almost every company out there. So then you might want to change this from drone companies to like top companies in Colorado Springs or just companies in Colorado Springs. And you’ll start to see bigger lists and what your job to do now is to narrow that list down.


So after you get that initial list then on the left side here, you’re going to go through you can see the results come up on the left here. They’re also on the little red pins and then you’re just going to click on them one at a time the ones that look interesting. So here’s one of them I just clicked, Pike Peaks Aerial and then from here, you’re just doing a quick evaluation and you’re trying to
determine is this the type of company that you would like to see for your SkillBridge opportunity.


Could you see yourself working here? You know so click around go to the about us page, read about the company you’re trying to gage, the size of that company. Is this you know is this culture at this firm gonna fit your requirements. Are they doing the kind of work that you want to do.


Don’t worry about when you’re clicking around. Don’t worry about the careers. Like here’s another example of a page, so this is another one of those listings drone nerds and I clicked on the about and then careers. And I don’t want you to necessarily do this like to see who they’re currently hiring because we truly feel that a lot of our a lot of these companies are going to make positions for you, right.


We’re going to present them with a really appealing offer which is to have you come basically be an unpaid intern there and they’re not necessarily going to have have those positions promoted. So don’t get turned off by anything you see on a career page. As long as it’s the type of company you want to work for, I would include them on your list.


Alright, good luck. Reach out to us if you have any questions and let’s make this work!


Writing or improving your resume can be a daunting task. But with chatGPT, it is easier than ever before. You don’t need to pay for an expensive resume service, or spend hours trying to come up with the perfect wording.


ChatGPT does all the hard work for you. It’s free and will generate a tailored resume based on your prompts in seconds. Two other sites we recommend are Best Military resume and Career Flow. So please take time now and experiment with one of these AI sites.


If you haven’t done so yet, you will be absolutely floored at how fast you can create a resume that powerfully promote your accomplishments and help you stand out.


Remember, a well-written resume may well attract attention from hiring managers, and that’s what you need to land a job interview.


Start with asking chatGPT to write one section at a time. Use a prompt like “write a resume objective summary” and then enter the details.


You want your summary to include your branch or most your top character traits and skills. Awards you’ve won, specific results you’ve achieved and promotions.


Here’s an example.  Open ChatGPT. I wrote a prompt here at the bottom. Right? An objective for me. I am seeking a position as an aircraft mechanic in the aviation industry. I served for ten years in the Air Force as a flight mechanic for fighter jets. My top character traits are skills and include attention to detail problem solving teamwork. I received an Air Force Achievement Medal for outstanding performance and was promoted to Senior Airman within three years of service. I have a top secret clearance and hit the button.


Look at this in seconds. It produces a well-written summary that you can copy and edit to suit your needs. Want to see other options? Click this button right here and it will produce additional options. You could just keep doing that. Still not happy. Just enter a different prompt at the start of this and it will give you different versions.


Next, ask chatGPT to write the entire section in bullet form for your most current military experience.

Here’s an example write a resume section for a master sergeant who served as a tactical air maintenance specialist in the US Air Force. Hit the enter And voila. It might not be perfect, but I bet it’s pretty close. You’ll still need to edit the text for your specific situation.


Repeat this for every past job you’ve held. You want to include in your work experience section. And then prompt it to write your education section.


You can also use chatGPT to write cover letters and interview thank you notes. It is an amazing and addicting tool. So give chatGPT a try today and take the first step towards landing your dream job. Creating a professional resume has never been easier. And by the way, I wrote the entire script for this instructional video on you guessed it chatGPT.