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The Video Intro is your secret weapon and it will give you a huge competitive edge.


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Don’t stress over this. We make it super easy…just follow the detailed instructions below.


Remember, we do not share your profile until you get this done. I can’t stress this enough.


Also, don’t forget to attach your resume if you didn’t on the prior form. We’ll need that too. Thanks!



Step 3


  • Place your camera steady at eye level in the horizontal position.
  • Wear a nice dress shirt so you look like you’re going to a job interview.
  • Stand in front of an uncluttered background…solid color wall is perfect (don’t record in your car!)
  • Make sure your face is well lit and the sound quality is good.
Write your script


Do NOT mention your name so we can protect your confidentiality.

Here are the questions you should expect

  1. In brief, tell us about your military background (i.e. branch, MOS, years in the service, what you do, Security Clearance, special achievements or awards you are most proud of, etc.)
  2. Tell us about what you are looking for in your post-military career  (i.e. position, industry, location, etc.)
  3. What makes you a great candidate?
You can also refer to ChatGPT here to get more ideas to improve your script.

It’s okay if your video extends beyond 25 seconds….try not to exceed 1 minute.


(Smile). I’ve served in the U.S. Army at Cyber Command for the last 14 years. I have an active Top Secret Clearance with Full-Scope Poly, Sec+, CYSA+, CASP+, Pentest+ and currently supervise a team of 27 Service Members. What makes me such a great team member is my worth ethic and the pride I take in completing my assignments to the best of my ability. I never give up until the job is done perfectly. I enjoy collaborating with people from all backgrounds, I’m coachable and can lead when necessary. Give me an opportunity to join your team, and I’ll make you proud you selected me. I’m looking for a position as a CISO or Penetration Tester — either remote or in Los Angeles. (Smile).





You can either speak freely (without reading from a script), or use your script…do whatever is more comfortable to you!


If you choose the latter, our only request is that you do not make it obvious you are reading from a script.


Here is how to do that:

  • Paste the script in a text document and large 18 point size so you can read it from a few feet away.
  • Position the text near your laptop or phone lens.
  • Use large margins on the document so there are only about 7 words per line.
  • Stand or sit back a few feet from the lens so it’s hard to see your eyes moving back and forth as you’re reading the script.
  • It’s important you sound natural when speaking.
  • Move your head and hands around slightly as you’re talking too — that makes it even harder to see your eyes going side to side.
  • If you decide to use your phone to record instead of a laptop, prop it up on books or a shelf so it’s at eye level (not looking up at you).
  • Holding a phone while recording yourself results in a wobbly and amateur-looking video
  • Record horizontally, not vertically, so it’s a wide-angle view.
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera lens when you are talking.
  • If your eyes are looking down or at the ceiling, it conveys a lack of confidence.
Start with a big smile and end with a big smile — this is very important!
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We value your privacy! Your footage will be password-protected and ONLY shared with hiring managers.


Please let us know when you will record your Video Intro and return to this page to submit it.

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