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If you haven’t scheduled your Interview yet, please go back to the email you received and click the link.

Please watch this quick message from 7 Eagle Group founder, Jordie Kern.

Hey. Thanks for scheduling your interview. We’re in our 10th year here at 7 Eagle Group connecting our country’s talented military Veterans with great careers and this financial sales position you applied to is one of our favorite opportunities. Here’s why.


You can work from home and be with your family….something you deserve after having served our country. It pays really well…something else you deserve! First year comp, working part time, is about $50,000.. F/T guys earn closer to $100,000. And the best part…you’ll join a team of dozens of other hard-charging Veterans from every military branch who will train, mentor, and support your journey to financial independence and a really rewarding career. It’s an amazing group.


So I hope you’re fired up for your interview to prove why you’re a great candidate. These guys only take the best of the best, so make sure to emphasize all your skill sets, the valuable character traits you developed from serving, your passion to help your military brothers and sisters, and your desire to earn a lot of money for you and your family.

If you need to contact the 7 Eagle Group Manager who will interview you, please visit our Leadership Page for his/her contact info. You can also email [email protected].