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SkillBridge is an opportunity for Service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of military service prior to release from Active Duty. SkillBridge connects Service members with industry partners and real-world job experiences that are designed to aid the Service Member in finding meaningful and gainful employment after discharge. The duration of a SkillBridge program must not be more than 180 days and must occur during a participating Service member’s last 180 days on active duty in accordance with guidance described in DOD Instruction 1322.29.

Never!  All of our services are free.  Our mission is to serve our Veterans and Active Duty service members.  Hiring companies pay us a small fee to help them recruit superstar talent.

Yes!  This is our 8th year helping military talent connect with great careers.  We’ve placed over 1,000 Veterans and Active Duty service members into companies like General Dynamics, Xerox, Facebook, and hundreds of others.  

No. That is entirely up to you and the hiring manager. 7 Eagle Group is just the middle making the introductions. Unfortunately, we no control over which candidates ultimately get hired.

Give our Manager a couple of days to process your application. Feel free to follow up for an update. His/her contact info is featured on our Leadership Page.

Yes.  We encourage you to explore every opportunity.  This is not an exclusive relationship.
Of course! That will also increase your chances of getting hired, but please only apply to positions where you meet or exceed the position’s requirements.

Yes, go to our Resume Page for improvement suggestions. There are also a number of free resources available to you if you write “how to write a great resume.” Also, check out Veterati or Hire our Heroes.

Absolutely! We are always here to serve you. Reach out to [email protected] and we will do our best to get you the services you want. You can also join our daily Open Office Hours to speak with a 7 Eagle Group manager and get your questions answered.

We have dozens of open SkillBridge positions on any given day. Make sure to check out Job Board regularly as new positions are added daily. We also help any other Authorized SkillBridge Provider fill their open positions.
Interested Service members can apply or ask questions about participation by contacting their installation SkillBridge point of contact; depending on the Service and installation, the SkillBridge POC may be in the transition assistance office, education office, or other installation support office.
Service members must be able to complete the program within their last 180 days of military service, and it is strongly recommended that Service members complete as much of their Service’s transition program as possible prior to starting a SkillBridge program to ensure that they are well informed of all of their post-Service options prior to entering this program. Approval authority rests with the first field grade commander authorized to impose non-judicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ in the Service member’s chain of command. Such commanders may approve or disapprove participation by a Service member based upon unit mission requirements.
No. Details about eligibility appear on the Military Members page of this site and are outlined in DOD Instruction 1322.29. Military members may direct additional questions about eligibility and post-Active Duty readiness planning to his or her installation-level point of contact.
The SkillBridge Program is intended to be a training program for Service members about to be released from Active Duty. Service members may participate in a SkillBridge opportunity no earlier than 180 days prior to release from Active Duty, and all of their final out-processing, terminal leave, and permissive leave must also occur during that same 180-day period. Each Service can institute their own restrictions within that timeframe. Members should contact their installation’s SkillBridge point of contact for more details.
The interested Service member must gain approval from her/his unit Commander. Specifically, the Service member must seek approval from the first commander in his or her chain of command in the pay grade of O-4 or above.
The DOD SkillBridge program is for Active Duty Service Members and select groups of the National Guard and the Reserves. Through this program, the DOD will continue to provide these members their salary, allowances, and benefits while they are in training with DOD SkillBridge Industry Partners. Please note: DOD SkillBridge Industry Partners may have pathways resourced for Military Spouses and Veterans and the DOD encourages you to connect directly with them for more information regarding these opportunities.
Yes. However, each Service may implement its own rules and guidelines regarding eligibility of Active Duty Guard (including Title 32) and Reserve members. Guard and Reserve members should contact their local Education and/or Transition Office for more information.
It is strongly recommended that Service members complete as much of their Service’s transition program as possible prior to starting a SkillBridge program to ensure that they are well informed of all of their post-Service options prior to entering this program.
Yes. All ranks of military personnel are eligible. Command approval must be granted prior to participation for all Service members.
Yes. Members are authorized to participate at locations and installations other than where they are currently assigned; however, the member is responsible for his/her own travel to and from home installation, even if recalled by a unit commander for duty, as well as final out-processing requirements. Be aware that each Service may establish its own rules on this subject. Service members must contact their installation SkillBridge point of contact for details about Service specific requirements.

Yes. Commanders or installation-level SkillBridge points of contact can use the “Contact Us” page at to obtain details about Service-specific guidance on travel.

Military Service members considering SkillBridge opportunities should schedule the SHA as soon as possible. It can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance of an approved date of separation and then may have a final validation (administrative check) no more than 30-days prior to the actual separation date, which should not conflict with any participation in SkillBridge. Always communicate with the base transition assistance office, SkillBridge program manager, and authorizing commander to advise of any potential conflicts that may arise.

As a general rule, Service Members may not accept gifts, travel benefits (transportation, lodging, meals) or similar perks from a SkillBridge Industry Partner. However, they may be accepted if available to ALL participants (including members of the general public) from the SkillBridge Partner.


Example 1:
A military Service Member (SM) participating in a SkillBridge internship with Company X while in a permissive TDY status. In addition to Service Members, the internship includes members of the general public. If Company X offers to pay for the SM’s airfare and lodging/meals while participating in the internship, the SM may accept the offer if it is also extended to the participating members of the general public.


Example 2:
Near the end of the SkillBridge internship, the participating SM is invited to interview with Company X at its headquarters in another state. Company X HQ offers to pay for your interview travel expenses. However, members of the general public who also participate in the internship are not provided travel expenses when invited to an interview. Because the interview travel expenses are not offered to all invitees, the SM may NOT accept the travel expenses from Company X to attend the interview at the HQ.


Service Members and their Chain of Command should discuss the unique circumstances of any gift/benefits offer with their servicing Legal Office before accepting them.

OSD SkillBridge Policy Position: Employees of the U.S. government cannot, generally, accept payment to utilize services offered to them by their government employment or duty. That would, in effect, constitute double payment for their employment which is not permissible.

The Military Departments may make barracks or other similar lodging facilities available to Service members participating in a SkillBridge opportunity without charge. Current guidance in DODI 1322.29 provides that the “Military Departments will not spend DOD appropriations for JTEST-AI (SkillBridge) programs”. This provision does not prohibit Military Departments from making such lodging space available. Installation commanders may authorize otherwise unoccupied barracks, on a space available basis, without charge to any Service members participating in SkillBridge opportunities while on permissive TDY outside of their geographic home area.

Yes. The Armed Services place great importance on acculturating new employees into the Department of Defense. Likewise, the SkillBridge program recognizes that onboarding activities allow SkillBridge participants to learn about an organization and prepare them to be productive and successful in a civilian career.

Yes, the assigned unit/command retains responsibility of the Service Member while they participate in a SkillBridge program. In some instances, Service SkillBridge Program Managers may be able to assist units/commands in monitoring Service Members. However, Service Program Managers cannot replace or assume the administrative, ethical, or legal responsibilities of the Service member’s commander.

The decision to grant or adjust time taken to participate in a SkillBridge Program remains with the Service Member’s Commander and/or SkillBridge Program Director or Chief.

SkillBridge Programs provide eligible Service members with job training and career development opportunities to acquire employment skills, knowledge, and/or abilities to assist Service members with job opportunities in the civilian sector. SkillBridge industry partners’ training programs must offer a high probability of post-service employment with the provider or other employers in a field related to the opportunity, but participants are not entitled to a job at the conclusion of the SkillBridge opportunity with that specific industry partner or employer simply by virtue of completing the SkillBridge Program.

No, the DOD encourages Service members to participate in the SkillBridge Program and other career skills opportunities, however, participation is optional.

No. Commanding Officers maintain final approval of Service member participation in a SkillBridge Program. Approval authority rests with the first field grade commander who is authorized to impose non-judicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ in the Service member’s chain of command. This authority may not be delegated.

Service member participation in the SkillBridge Program with civilian industry partners and employers is authorized, however, some restrictions and guidelines apply. Most commands have an associated “ethics” briefing that members must attend prior to participating in a SkillBridge Program. The Resources page of also provides more detailed ethics information on issues such as pay, allowances, and gifts. Service members with questions or concerns pertaining to ethics must promptly contact their command chain, servicing legal office, or the installation SkillBridge point of contact.

Service members should contact their installation SkillBridge point of contact for details about Service and command-specific guidance about the SkillBridge approval process. If unavailable, Service members can also submit a question through the Contact Us link on to be placed in contact with an installation-level program manager.

Yes, Service-specific SkillBridge instructions are available on the Resources page of

No, it is expected that Service Members expend all Leave prior to (or during) the SkillBridge program. Service Members should also expend their house hunting/Permissive TDY prior to starting a SkillBridge program.