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launch a kick-ass career

Do rewarding work & get paid what you deserve.


Our focus: Make your job-hunt easy by introducing you to veteran-friendly businesses who value your experience.

Watch this quick video overview

Thanks for your interest in joining our free Veteran and SkillBridge Talent Network.


You’re making a smart move!


This gets you on the radar of hundreds of recruiters here at 7 Eagle Group and throughout the country eager to hire top military talent for their open positions.


Our network recruiters represent companies in numerous industries like cyber security, tech, sports, music, outdoors, software engineering…trying to fill remote and in-person SkillBridge internships and permanent jobs.


The massive visibility is what will create your interview opportunities and eventually job offers.


So give yourself a huge competitive edge and join our free Talent Network right now.


Simply complete the quick form on this page telling us exactly what you’re looking for.


It’s super easy and takes just a few minutes.


We Value Your Privacy!

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BONUS! We'll send you a FREE copy of our popular guide "The Transitioning Service Member's Guide to a Lucrative & Rewarding Post-Military Career."

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We will now promote you to numerous hiring managers nationwide eager to hire top military talents.

As soon as we get a bite(s), we will contact you immediately so you can determine if it’s a good fit and you’d like us to schedule an interview.

Don’t anticipate hearing from a Manager here at 7 Eagle Group if no hiring manager expresses interest in you.

However, you are more than welcome to contact us anytime if you have questions or would like help strategizing.

We also recommend that you apply to any open positions currently posted on our Job Board.

Just please make sure you meet the minimum qualifications.

Our clients usually do not hire candidates who lack the skill sets and experience they seek.

Also, wait until about three months prior to your SkillBridge Start Date before applying.

Most clients hire candidates who are ready to start quickly, not ones more than three months out.

Never!  All of our services are free.  Our mission is to serve our Veterans and Active Duty service members.  Hiring companies pay us a small fee to help them recruit superstar talent.

Yes!  This is our 8th year helping military talent connect with great careers.  We’ve placed over 1,000 Veterans and Active Duty service members into companies like General Dynamics, Xerox, Facebook, and hundreds of others.  

Read through the FAQ items here. If you have a question not addressed, use the Question form below

No. That is entirely up to you and the hiring manager. 7 Eagle Group is just the middle-man making the introductions. Unfortunately, we have no control over which candidates ultimately get hired.

Give our Manager a couple of days to process your application. Feel free to follow up for an update. His/her contact info is featured on our Leadership Page.

Of course! That will also increase your chances of getting hired, but please only apply to positions where you meet or exceed the position’s requirements.

Yes, go to our Resume Page for improvement suggestions. There are also a number of free resources available to you if you write “how to write a great resume.” Also, check out Veterati or Hire our Heroes.

CLICK HERE to visit the official DoD SkillBridge webpage.


Getting ready to retire or ETS?


Now’s the time to get your career on the fast track and put 7 Eagle Group in your corner so you can enjoy a rewarding and lucrative post-military career!


As an authorized DoD’s SkillBridge provider, we can help you make a smooth transition…


This amazing government-sponsored program gives you an opportunity to leave service up to six months early.


You will be placed in a duty-free status, yet continue to receive your government salary and full benefits while you work for your new company.


You obtain valuable career experience, a huge competitive edge, and a chance to confirm that this is the company where you want to work once you’re a Veteran.


The host company gets to evaluate you in action before deciding to offer you a permanent position as a W2 Employee.


It’s truly a win-win!


Even if you don’t remain with the company after SkillBridge, you’ll now have a beefed-up resume and the confidence to leverage this experience to a great career.


So if you’re ready to get started, please join our free SkillBridge Talent Network today by completing a quick form at


This will get you on the radar of our recruiters as well as hundreds of other recruiters throughout the country eager to hire top military talent with your skillsets, leadership, and work ethic.


Anticipate around three months for our team to arrange interviews with hiring managers, so the sooner you can join our network, the more opportunities you can expect.


We offer exciting positions in numerous industries like cyber, tech, sports, music, and hunting…from entry level to senior positions, and in locations throughout the country.


Many of the positions are work-from-home, so you can live anywhere.


Once you’re hired, we’ll provide you with an Offer Letter and Training Plan that you can submit to your Commanding Officer for SkillBridge approval.


You’ll also participate in our weekly career development workshops and guest speaker seminars where you’ll learn all about networking, resume writing, and interviewing to help you enjoy a successful civilian career.


While we can’t guarantee your involvement with 7 Eagle Group will result in a SkillBridge internship — that’s entirely between you and the hiring companies — we can promise you that our team will do everything we can to help you achieve your career goals.


So if you’re ready to begin this exciting journey, please join our SkillBridge Talent Network at