Episode 20: Helping Military Vets | Raymond Lott; USMC veteran; Ninja Punch Music | 7 Eagle

Raymond Lott is a US Marine Veteran who served as a combat correspondent for infantry battalions. He did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and won a prestigious combat photography award for his work. After ten years in the Marines, he chose to move forward with his music career. He attended the Los Angelos Film School, where he majored in music production. He later started Ninja Punch Music, an all military musician record label. Raymond also does an extensive amount of advocacy work for veteran suicide prevention through his work as a board member of the non profit Project Refit.



Every business benefits from hiring veterans, be it for tax incentives, workplace environment, or company performance.

With strong work ethics and military values, vets are a welcome addition to any workforce and should be at the top of every hiring manager’s list of priorities.

At 7 Eagle we’re dedicated to helping vets fulfill their limitless potential and to connecting them with employers who’ll recognize and utilize their unique set of skills to successfully complete any task.

We believe in finding veterans careers, not jobs, and we take this concept seriously. In addition to veteran hiring services, 7 Eagle provides FREE training for vets in new and exciting fields that offer career opportunities far beyond military training alone.

Being veterans ourselves, we want nothing more than to see our battle buddies succeed in life and their post-military careers , so we also offer internships and job coaches who’ll motivate and guide vets towards a fulfilling career path.

Our online career development courses include cyber security, game development, AI/machine learning, software development/engineering, robotics, data analytics, cloud computing, digital project management, and systems administration, with more opportunities for veterans coming soon! Eagle 7 works to connect veterans with employers in a multitude of fields in companies ranging from small businesses to major corporations, ensuring our nation’s finest find a career that suits them best.

Our support extends to military spouses as well, as we believe in standing by those who stand alongside our vets every second of the day.

Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard.

Active duty, National Guard, Reserves.

One team, one fight.

You took care of us, let us return the favor.


Are you a military veteran or military spouse? Are you looking for a fulfilling career in a field you’re passionate about? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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